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This is a particularly soft and lightweight interfacing. Ideal for small parts such as collars, cuffs, etc. as well as for the front parts of jackets and stylish blazers made in very light to middle weight fabrics.  

You can buy this interfacing in:

  • 25cm or 9" increments, the more you order, the longer your piece gets (the interfacing is 90cm/35" wide).
  • 45cm x 50cm pre cut pieces, the more your order the more individual pieces you will receive.


SAVE 8% when you buy 8 mtrs/yards or more.

SAVE 15% when you buy 15 mtrs/yards or more (please allow 5 working days for orders of 15mtrs or more).

SAVE 25% when you buy 25 mtrs/yards or more (please allow 5 working days for orders of 15mtrs or more).

Which Vilene Fusible Interfacing product is right for me?

We sell 3 types of soft fusible interfacing from Vilene's luxury Softline range, as well as thicker fusible fleeces and stiffer flexi-firm.  Softline interfacing will give you project a luxury feel and help retain shapes/control drape, the thicker the interfacing the more structure you will gain. This interfacing will give you a minimum amount of shaping, and is perfect where the fabric you are using is itself thinner than regular cotton (for example silk or viscose), or where you just want to give the fabric a little more control, for example in dress making, cuffs and collars.

How to Use:

Place the interfacing with the coated side on the wrong side of the fabric. Then using dry heat (no steam) glide the iron firmly 5-6 times very slowly over each area, so that each area receives approx. 8 seconds of heat, with the iron set on silk/wool.  Allow the pieces to cool flat for about 20 minutes, so that the adhesive can set properly.

OR set your iron to wool/cotton, place the interfacing on the reverse of your fabric, adhesive facing the fabric, cover with a damp cloth; press each area for 15 seconds.

We strongly recommend that you attach a small piece of interfacing to a fabric remnant with your iron first to make sure that the hold and the adhesion meet your expectations.

Once your project is complete, you can wash in temperatures up to 40 °C in the gentle cycle or dry clean (providing the fabric attached can also be washed at that temperature/be dry cleaned). 

For more information:

To view our guide to interfacing - click here.

Take a look at Vilene's own guide - click here

View Vilene's information video - click here

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