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  • Owl and Co
  • Funky Spots
  • Spots and Dots
  • Girl Thing
  • Spots and Solids
  • Chevrons No. 1
  • Pop Art
  • Chevrons No. 2
  • Pirates
  • Retro Bliss
  • Festival
  • New York Loft
  • Vintage Daydream
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Add the Following Iron on Applique Letters:
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This product has a minimum quantity of 3

Our bunting sewing kits without the extras.

If you want the triangles and the bunting tape, WITHOUT the bunting bag, instructions and packaging, then this is the listing for you.

Select the bunting kit you would like to make from the list above, then tell us how many mtrs of bunting you want to make in the quantity box and add to cart (the minimum order is 3 mtrs (x3 in the quantity box)).

When making your pack we will start with 60cm of bunting tape (enough for the ties at each end of your bunting) and then for every x1 you order, we will add 6 fabric triangles and increase the length of your bunting tape by 1 mtr.


Customise your bunting

Customise your bunting with our iron on letters and numbers, type the text you want in the box above (If you use capital letters you will be sent capital letters, so make sure you use the right case).  

The applique will arrive with iron on adhesive attached, simply peel off the backing paper and iron into place!

When planning your applique please bear in mind:

  • We will cut all your applique letters out of plain white fabric, as this stands out best against the majority of colours and patterns, if you would prefer another solid colour, or a mixture of the colours used in the main bunting, let us know in the notes section of your order and we will swap it for you at no extra cost.
  • You can only fit one letter or number on each side of each flag.
  • Appliqued bunting looks best when there is an equal number of empty flags at each end of the bunting (or none).
  • This style of bunting uses 3 flags per mtr, so if the text you want to write is very long, you will need a lot of mtrs to fit it in, or you will need to buy extra triangles and place them closer together - perfect for appliqued bunting over a child's bed or around the fireplace!
  • The glue used to attach the applique is washing machine safe, there is no need to sew the shapes into place.

Adding your own triangles

If you want to add triangles cut out at home, or if you plan on making more bunting once you have this project under your belt, why not add our bunting triangle template to your kit.  You do not need this to make this pack, as your triangles come ready cut, but if you are planning on making more bunting this template is a must - add to your kit above!


You can order almost all our fabrics precut into bunting triangles, simply find the fabrics you like and select bunting triangles from the list of available cuts.

Applique doesn't have to be limited to letters and numbers, we offer a wide range of other fun shapes to truly personalise your bunting - click here to find out more.

If you love the idea of a bunting kit but can't find a colour scheme that suits your needs, you can buy all the items listed here individually, pop them in your basket and make your own unique bunting kit (click here to visit our bunting department).

You can also buy this kit ready-made - click here to view our full range of ready-made bunting.


Visit our bunting department for pinking shears, templates, bunting bags and kits (click here).

Visit our blog to view our guide to making bunting (click here).

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