Welcome to Our Bunting Department

Everything you need to make your own bunting, including, templates, tape, pre-cut triangles, pinking shears and storage bags.

Top Buying Tips

  • If your fabric has a clear right and wrong way up (is directional) you can cut 5 triangles out of every 25cm x 110cm of fabric (when using our template). 
  • If you use a fabric which has no clear direction you can increase the number cut from 25cm x 110cm to 9 (as you can flip the template upside down and cut extra triangles out of the offcuts).
  • If you buy ready cut triangles, excluding special offer fabrics, the solid colours are the cheapest, followed by fabrics with no clear direction, as there is less wastage. The more triangles you buy out of each fabric the cheaper they get!
  • Personalise your bunting with our range of applique - ready to sew or iron on - click on the menu at the top of this page.

Top Sewing Tips

Download our comprehensive guide to planning and making your own bunting by clicking here.