Scissors - Prym Pinking Shears 22cm (8.5")

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Pinking shears are a must for any sewing kit.  When you cut with pinking shears, which are like regular scissors but with a zig zag edge, you stop the edges of your fabric fraying/unravelling, eliminating the need to hem your fabrics and keeping visible and hidden seams neat.

Use in the making of bunting, to give your triangles a cute finish, and reduced the sewing involved to just attaching the tape and perfect for finishing seam allowances in general sewing.


When you are sewing two pieces of fabric together - cut your fabrics with regular scissors, sew your seams, and then trim the seam allowance with the pinking shears.

Where the edges of the fabric will be visible, instead of hemming your project, cut with pinking shears to create a pretty zig zag finish - for example along the edges of bunting triangles, or on covers for jam jars.


Using triangles cut with pinking shears is a really quick and fun way to make bunting - click to view our guide to making this modern staple.

Click here to visit our Bunting department, with everything you need to make professional bunting.


We recommend every sewer have two-three pairs of scissors in their tool box, a great multi-purpose scissor for cutting pattern pieces and fabrics (like our 26cm scissors),  a pair of embroidery scissors for trimming seam allowances, snipping into curves and cutting out applique and finally, if you really get into sewing, a pair of pinking shears - great for trimming seam allowances to prevent fraying, giving exposed fabrics a cute finish and finishing applique.

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