Milward Cutting Mat - 60cm x 45cm

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Milward cutting mats have a self-healing property, which extends the life of the mat by smoothing over and reducing the cut lines. Printed with both metric and imperial measurements this Milward mat is very versatile!


A cutting mat is essential if you are planning on cutting with a rotary cutter, but is also a valuable tool when trying to get fabric pieces squared off and accurately marked.  You can place your fabric on the mat, lining the edge up with a straight line on the mat, and use your ruler to get perfect angles.

It's also a great surface for tracing pattern pieces as it is smooth and none of the knots or ridges in real wood tables will come through as you trace over the pattern.


The best advice we can give is to get the largest size mat your can easily store.  We use this size mat at our Sewing School as it fits on most tables, and we can store it easily between classes, we have not yet come across a project where it's not big enough for our needs.  Back at HQ we have a mtr long mat, but storage is a nightmare and it really needs to be stored flat to stop it buckling.

In additon we strongly recommend looking for a mat that has both metric and imperial measurements (cms and inches) - like this one!  Even if you grew up using cms, alot of sewing terms, references and patterns are still written in inches and having to make the conversion everytime you measure something is a nightmare you can easily avoid.


If there is anything you are not sure about please do contact us using the contact form on this site, or by emailing


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