Dashwood Studio Merry Little Christmas - Applique

Brand: Dashwood Studio
Product Code: DSMLCA
Availability: 100
* Step 1: Select a Fabric From Merry Little Christmas
  • Main on White
  • Main on Blue
  • Twist Capri
  • Twist Indigo
  • Twist Sorbet
  • Blush Pink Twist
  • Twist White
  • Twist Apple
  • Kona White
  • Kona Bahama Blue
  • Kona Poppy
  • Honeysuckle Pink
* Step 2: What type of shape would you like?
  • letters and numbers
  • Animals
  • Hearts
  • Stars
  • Christmas
  • Transport
  • Arabesque
* Step 3: Select your shape
  • sleigh x1
  • hearts small x5
  • letters
  • cat
  • stars small x5
  • dog
  • stars medium x5
  • numbers
  • hearts medium x5
  • reindeer x1
  • snowman x5
  • snowman x1
  • butterfly
  • stars large x5
  • hearts large x5
  • Bee
  • hearts small x1
  • stars small x1
  • hearts medium x1
  • stars medium x1
  • tree x 5
  • Dragonfly
  • tree x1
  • Bugs Pack
  • stars large x1
  • hearts large x1
  • car
  • snowflake 1 x5
  • arabesque
  • hearts mixed x1
  • snowflake 1 x1
  • stars mixed x1
  • snowflake 2 x5
  • snowflake 2 x1
  • snowflake 3 x5
  • snowflake 3 x1
  • snowflake 4 x5
  • snowflake 4 x1
  • christmas multi pack x1
  • christmas mini set  a
  • christmas mixed pack b
  • sleigh and reindeer x1
  • snowflakes x1
* Step 4: Select your finish
  • Ultra Adhesive
  • Lite Adhesive
  • Just Fabric
Step 5: If ordering applique LETTERS insert text below:
Step 5: If ordering applique NUMBERS insert text below:
Price: £0.36



We offer a wide range of pre-cut applique designs, including animals, hearts and stars, Christmas decorations, cars, numbers and letters.  

Buy simply cut from the fabric, or with adhesive attached (there are sew and no sew options), just peel off the backing paper and iron into place.  We strongly recommend using adhesive even if you are planning on sewing your shapes into place (lite adhesive is designed for this and won't glue up your needle), it may seem strange to glue and sew, but the glue holds your shape perfectly still whilst you sew, giving you a smooth finish, stopping the shape from distorting and fraying.  


Type all the letters & numbers you want us to send in the boxes at step 5, remebering that we sell both capital letters and lower case letters, and will send the letters as you type them.  When you get to add to cart, add x1. 


  • Look for fabrics which contrast strongly with the fabric you are attaching your applique to, and avoid fabrics with large patterns on, they can confuse the eye and stop you seeing the overall shape of the applique.
  • Consider using Kona solid colours for the applique, solid colours often stand out best, and they are cheaper too!
  • We strongly recommend buying shapes with the adhesive attached, even if you plan on sewing your shapes onto your project, the adhesive will stop your applique shapes moving whilst you sew and will stop them distorting.  
  • If you are considering buying Christmas snowflakes, reindeer or snowmen, give consideration to how you are going to finish your applique, these shapes are the hardest to sew onto projects due the number of twists and turns and thin sections, and are best suited to being ironed on with ultra adhesive, which is a no-sew option that can be washed time and time again without coming loose.  


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Fabric Store
Collection Merry Little Christmas
Designer/Manufacturer Dashwood Studio
Fabric Type Medium Weight Cotton / Quilting Cottons
Main Colour Blue, Multi Colour on White
Main Theme Christmas
Product Type Applique

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