Heat n Press Seam Tape (Fusible Batting/Wadding Tape)

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Another great interfacing thoroughly road-tested at Sewing School.  Heat n Press Seam Tape allows you to quickly and easily join two pieces of wadding/batting together.

Simply butt your wadding pieces up next to each other, cut a piece of tape to size and place over the join - then iron into place!  

You don't even need to repeat on the other side, one side will give your quilt all the strength it needs.

Made to create a join with no visible (or feelable) bump and to be easy to sew through, simply make your join and forget about it!

A great way to use your offcuts to make larger quilts, and to patch up gaps around the edges of quilt that appear after you have finished quilting and the layers have spread out or moved - a little life saver!

The tape is 3.8cm (1.5") wide and is sold by the mtr.


Save 20% when you by a 13.7mtr roll PLUS get the last 70cm of that totally free! - Simply order x13 and we will automatically send you a full, 13.7mtr (15 yard) roll.

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