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Vilene's Bias Tape is not like any other type of bias tape you may have come across.  Think of it as a seam tape for curves! 

You will often find patterns instruct you to 'stay stitch' areas of the pattern pieces.  You do this because when the fabric is cut but not sewn it is prone to stretching, you may not even notice this stretch until you have finished your garment, but it can have devastating consequences, a neckline can be floppy or other parts fo the garment appear limp or out of shape, and there is nothing you can do at this point to rescue the garment.

Carefully stay stitching - sewing around the edges of the pattern pieces using a large stitch, close to the edge, will stabilise your fabrics and this is why it is recommended, but even the action of staystitching can result in stretching if you are guilty of pulling your fabrics through the sewing machine :-)

Vilene's Bias Tape is a heaven-sent little tape that does the job of stay-stitching for you.  The tape is just 12mm wide and has a stay stitch running down one side.  Iron the tape into place following the instructions below and your fabric will be stabilised and you will be ready to start dressmaking.

If you are sewing with stretchy fabrics this is NOT the tape for you - click here to view details of our tape for stretchy fabrics.

This tape is also available in charcoal for darker fabrics - click here.


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Looking at the tape you will see that there is a line of stitches running close to one long edge, this is the edge that should be placed nearest the raw edge of your fabric.  Place on top of your fabric, rough side down, and lightly iron into place (you may want to place a cloth between the tape and your iron).  Hold the iron in place for about 8 seconds and then lift and press the next section of the tape.

Allow your garment to cool off for about 20 minutes to allow the glue to properly set before sewing/using the garment.

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