Fusible Web/Interfacing

Fusible Web/Interfacing

Interfacing is used to stabilize, strengthen, shape and support fabrics. Protecting button holes and the fabric around fasteners from wear and tear.  Maintaining the cut shape (curves and straight lines) e.g. around collars or the edges of fabric boxes. Shaping and supporting fabrics to give you crisp contours e.g. around cuffs, pricked up ears on soft toys, or the edges of boxes and bags. To thicken fabrics, allowing you to use fabrics which on their own are quite floppy to create defined shapes and structures in your projects, turning regular cottons into home décor weight fabrics.

There are interfacings for embroidery, that prevent fabrics distorting and stretching when sewn, iron on fleeces that add depth and warmth, and quilters grid aiding the creation of perfect, geometric quilt panels.

Iron on adhesive is used to fuse fabrics together, either temporarily while you sew them together, or permanently for a no-sew option.  Create your own applique and iron into place – stress free creativity!

Not sure which interfacing is right for you?  Contact us for advice and guidance.


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