Pattern Paper - Reynolds Freezer Paper (45cm wide)

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We cannot praise freezer paper enough!  We use it at almost all our sewing classes and people go wild when they see how easy it is to use.

The paper is 45cm (18") wide.

You can buy the paper by the mtr or in a 15mtr box - saving you 15%!


  • You can see through the paper really clearly, making transferring your pattern markings a breeze.
  • It is thicker than tissue paper so is less likely to rip.
  • BUT BEST OF ALL you can iron it straight onto your fabric and it sticks (temporarily and without leaving a mark).  You simply iron your pattern pieces onto your fabrics, cut around them (NO NEED TO PIN!) and peel the paper off - perfect for small pieces such as applique shapes and larger pieces - even as large as PJ bottoms!
  • We haven't come up with a figure yet for the number of times you can successfully reuse the same pattern piece, but its a few, and once the coating has warn off, the pattern pieces can still be used - you just have to pin them on.


  1. The paper has a dull side and a shiny side.  Trace your pattern pieces onto the dull side.
  2. Looking at the wrong side of your fabric, line up the pattern piece and run a hot iron over the top - watch it stick!
  3. If you are cutting through several layers of fabric you might want to pin them together at the corners. 
  4. Cut your pattern/applique pieces out and then peel off the pattern piece!
  5. Put the pattern/applique piece to one side for the next time you need it.


If you need to join several pieces of freezer paper together, use masking tape - this is safe to iron over - regular sellotape will melt!


If there is anything you are not sure about please do contact us using the contact form on this site, or by emailing

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