Hemline Magnetic Sewing Machine Guide

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If like us…

  • you find it hard to keep an eye on the little line on the sewing machine plate as you sew,
  • you are interrupted when sewing on a continual basis, by your adoring family, and so forget what seam allowance you are working with on your current project,
  • or wish your sewing lines were that little bit straighter!

Then our 'smiley man' magnetic sewing guide could be the right tool for you!  It will….

  • Act as a reminder of which line on your sewing machine plate you are working against.
  • Show up better than that little line on the sewing machine plate as you feed your fabric through.
  • Give you something to run the fabric up against, helping you keep it straight as you sew.

We have thoroughly road tested this gadget at sewing school where it was christened 'the smiley man' and he really is a man you can depend upon!  

Place on the metal plate of your sewing machine, in line with your chosen seam allowance, and make sure your fabrics run along the edge of the guide as you sew - it's as simple as that!

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