Pins - Milward Glass-Headed Pins - 30x0.6mm, 10g

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Glass-headed pins - great for sewers who like to iron with the pins in!



Plastic-headed pins - these pins are a good length, easy to spot when in use (or on the floor!) due to their colourful head, easy to grab.  On the downside the heads are plastic and this means they will melt if you iron on top of them, if you want to be able to iron over your pins you need glass headed pins.


Glass-headed pins - great for anyone who wants to be able to iron over their pins as the heads won't melt, on the down side they are more expensive than plastic headed pins and shorter.


Flat-headed pins - these come in handy when you need to lay a ruler or tape measure over a pinned area. They are also a good choice for lace, eyelet, and loose weaves, as the large heads won't slip through the holes in the fabric.  Our flat headed pins are also longer than our regular pins, making them a great choice for quilters who want a longer grip.


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