Velcro - Iron on 20mm White - 1mtr pack

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20mm (0.75") wide Fabric Fusion, IRON ON Velcro, sold in pre-cut 1mtr (100cm/39 inches) lengths.  The more you order, the more pieces you get.

This item includes both the hook and loop sides of the Velcro.


Wash and dry fabric before applying Fabric Fusion fasteners. The heat-activated adhesive works on most heat tolerant fabrics, including cotton and blends, polyester, fleece, suede, canvas, denim, and nylon. For delicate fabrics, a press cloth is recommended

  • Cut the velcro to your desired length.
  • With steam activated, heat steam iron to highest setting.
  • Remove VELCRO® brand logo release liner from back of loop tape.
  • Position on your fabric.  
  • Place a cloth on top of the velcro (not your final piece of fabric, just a tea towel or scrap to prevent damaging the velcro when ironing).
  • Press for 90 seconds, applying pressure and moving iron back and forth. Do not scorch the fabric. Do not apply heat directly to loop tape. 
  • Repeat these steps with the second piece of tape and fabric (you might find it easier to attach the second piece of velcro to the one you have already ironed into place, peeling the back off the second piece of velcro, and then positioning the top piece of fabric on top, ironing it in situ).

Steam iron performances vary. Cool fabric completely and test bond by lifting edge. If the fastener has fused, the edge should be fixed. If the edge can be peeled back, apply heat again. After applying Fabric Fusion™ fasteners, wait at least 24 hours before laundering. After waiting 24 hours, the fabric can be machine washed or dry cleaned. Close fastener when cleaning.

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