Piping Cord

Piping Cord

We stock a wide range of cotton piping cord.  The larger sizes are perfect for home décor projects, including upholstery and cushion covers, the smaller sizes work best in bags and clothing.  Buy by the metre or yard, the more you buy the longer your piece gets, or on our great value rolls, maximising your savings.

Piping is one of the easiest trims to use and can be added to the edges of collars, pockets, hem lines and sleeves, as well as between seam lines, around waistbands or to emphasise the shape of pockets and other seams in your makes.

Cover your piping in the same fabric as your main project, or make a feature of it with contrasting fabric.

Always preshrink your cord when you preshrink your fabric.

For hints, tips and piping tutorials, visit our Pinterest board – click here.

Want to buy bias tape to cover your cord, or interested in making your own tape? - click here to view our bias tape department.

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