Rico Designs Woodland Camping Main on White - JERSEY/KNIT - 145cm Wide

Brand: Rico
Product Code: 18598.10.92
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  • Strips
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* Step 2: Pick your pack size
  • Sample
  • 2" Strip x 140cm x4
  • 2.5" squares set of 24
  • Fat Quarters (70cm x50cm long)
  • 2.5" squares set of 12
  • 2" Strip x 140cm x 2
  • 2" Strip x 140cm x1
  • 25cm increments
  • 2.5" squares x6
  • 2" Strip x 140cm x1
  • 9" increments
  • 2.5" Strip x 140cm x4
  • 3.5" squares x6
  • 2.5" Strip x 140cm x2
  • 3.5" squares x2
  • 2.5" Strip x 140cm x1
  • 4" Strip x 140cm x4
  • 5" square x12
  • 5" square x 4
  • 4" Strip x 140cm x2
  • 4" Strip x 140cm x1
  • 5" Square x1
  • 6.5" square x8
  • 6" Strip x 140cm x4
  • 6.5" square x4
  • 6" Strip x 140cm x2
  • 6" Strip x 140cm x1
  • 6.5" square x1
  • 8.5" square x4
  • 8.5" square x2
  • 8.5" square x1
  • 10" square x4
  • 10" square x2
  • 10" square x1
Price: £3.50



Rico Designs Woodland Camping fabric collection will put you in the mood to go camping with nature all around. Cute rabbits, foxes and deer, colourful Indian tepees, canoes and tents, green trees and colourful meadow flowers.

100% cotton jersey/knit, 145cm (57") wide.

Suitable for: dressmaking and some home decor projects.


1.  Select the type of cut you want and pack size (steps 1 & 2 above) - the main fabric image will change to give you extra information on the cut you have selected, if you can't see the image, scroll up the page and it will be there, or click here to view our guide to available cuts.

2. Tell us how many packs you want in the quantity box and add to cart. 

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Fabric Store
Collection Woodland Camping
Designer/Manufacturer Rico Designs
Fabric Type Jersey / Knits
Main Colour Multi Colour on White
Main Theme Animals and Birds, Landscapes
Product Type Individual Fabrics
Width on the Bolt 145cm (57")

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