Matching Pegs Monster Chef Sewing Pattern

Brand: Matching Pegs
Product Code: CG001
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Price: £3.95 £9.00



The cutest mascot for any chef - guaranteed to add personality to even the blandest kitchen.


1 fat quarter for the monster body and tentacles

1 fat eighth - apron front and back

1 fat eighth - apron pocket and hat

1 fat eighth - monster base

2" x 2" scrap of white felt - monster's eyes and teeth

2" x 1.5" scrap of black felt - monsters pupils and mouth

2" x 2" scrap of felt (to contrast with body fabric) Tentacle pads

Toy filler

7" x 2" rectangle of heavyweight iron on interfacing

7" square of lightweight iron-on interfacing

30cm (12") piece of freezer paper

Disappearing fabric marker

Embroidery thread for hat and apron pocket

Embroidery needle

1.1 mtrs of ribbon, tape or ric-rac for apron ties


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