Vilene - Seam Tape (Fusible Interfacing For Jersey/Stretch Fabrics) White

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Vilene's Seam Tape is designed for use with stretchy fabrics, from velvet at one end of the spectrum through jersey and knit fabrics and all the way over to the Lycras at the other end.

If you iron regular interfacings onto stretch fabrics they will most likely break and fall off in use.  If you sew regular interfacing onto stretchy fabrics you may not find it breaks, but it will stop your fabrics from stretchy the way they are designed to.  

This interfacing will stabilize your fabric's structure whilst still breathing with the fabric as it moves.

Simply iron this tape onto the back of your fabrics around areas that will be subject to the greatest amount of stretch in daily life - around pockets, buttons and buttonholes etc..  and on areas of your garment that could become permanently stretched out of shape during the sewing process - typically around any curves, hems, and necklines.

The tape is 10mm wide, and this listing is for the white version, designed for use with light coloured fabrics - for the charcoal version (designed for use with dark fabrics) click here.


Buy 10mtrs or more and save 15%

By 100mtrs and save 25%


Place on top of your fabric, rough side down, and lightly iron into place (you may want to place a cloth between the tape and your iron).  Hold the iron in place for about 8 seconds and then lift and press the next section of the tape.

Allow your garment to cool off for about 20 minutes to allow the glue to properly set before sewing/using the garment.


If the area you are treating is curved and you are struggling to get the tape to sit in place, snip into the edge of the tape furthest from the edge of the fabric, at regular intervals, allowing you to spread the tape out.

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