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Stickvlies is the perfect embroidery and applique backing and is great for transferring and making topstitch work and patchwork.

Tack onto the reverse of your fabric to hold in place, sew or applique your motif and tear away the excess interfacing - it's as simple as that!

Great for achieving accurate embroidery and snag free appliqué using the sewing machine. 

Also suitable for transferring and sewing quilting motifs.

You can buy this interfacing in:

  • 25cm or 9" increments, the more you order, the longer your piece gets (the interfacing is 90cm/35" wide).
  • 45cm x 50cm pre cut pieces, the more you order the more individual pieces you receive.

How to Use:

  1. Put a piece of Stitch-n-Tear somewhat bigger than the motif under the fabric, tack into place.
  2. Embroider or if sewing applique, topstitch.
  3. Then tear out the excess Stitch-n-Tear.

For more information:

See the additional images including Vilene's instructions and our guide to making free standing applique shapes.

Take a look at Vilene's own guide  - click here.

View Vilene's information video - click here.

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