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Whether you are a complete beginner, or a sewer looking to face some fears and take their dressmaking to the next level, this course is for you.

We have a wide range of patterns for you to choose, covering ages 6mnths to 9 years, and you can always opt to bring your own patterns if you prefer.  You can tailor make the course to suit your level of experience and preferences, and you don't need to pick more than the first project before week one - ultimate flexibility!  Below are details of the patterns we think are particularly suited to complete beginners and more advanced sewers.


Project 1 - Trousers, shorts or a skirt

Project 2 - Leggings, a handkerchief top for a girl, a skirt, trousers or a simple dress, hareem or jogging pants.

Project 3 - Get more adventurous with a hoodie, trousers with proper pockets, a girl's blouse; a reversible dress or dress with buttonholes or sleeves or a skater dress. 

Project 4 - This will depend on your level of progress and personal preferences, we don't recommend picking this until halfway through the course and you have a real feel for what you like to make.


  • Anything made with stretchy fabrics!  Babygrow, leggings, joggers, t-shirts, skater dress.
  • A tailored shirt or blouse - get buttonholes and collars nailed - as well as sleeves.
  • Advanced party dresses, with buttonholes, gathers, sleeves and collars to master.
  • Trousers with proper pockets - inset (invisible) pockets or jean style pockets.


You can choose to bring your own fabrics for all your projects, or use fabrics from across the store - select your preference above.


WHO:  Classes are kept to a maximum of 4 people, if you have your own sewing machine you are encouraged to bring it, there is nothing like learning on your own machine (or you can use one of ours).  This course is designed for people who have already had some sewing experience, however long ago!  You may not have tackled dressmaking before, but you are comfortable threading a machine and handling fabric.  

WHERE: Courses are held in Duckington, just outside of Witney, or Witney itself.  

WHEN: Starting on the 21st February, 7-9.30pm, meeting weeky for a total of 5 weeks.   If you can't make it to the dates shown, why not consider signing up for a one to one or many course - click here to find out more.


Payment is required at the point of booking your place on one of our workshops or sewing courses.

In you need to cancel up to 3 weeks before the start of the class,we will offer you the choice of transferring to another date, or a refund minus a £15 cancellation fee (if we manage to sell the place this reduces to £5).

If you need to cancel within 3 weeks of the start date, we are sorry but we cannot offer you a refund or transfer.  With less than 3 week's notice it is difficult for us to fill places and it isn't fair on other people who would have liked a place, had they had more notice. We can put you on a reserve list for a future date, and if we still have spaces 3 weeks before the start of a course, we will slot you in at no additional cost.

If you are unable to attend one of the sessions, for any reason, then you can choose to complete the missed work at home, by coming earlier to future sessions, or by booking a 'catchup session' - catchup sessions are mixed sessions run a minimum of 4 times a year, where people who missed part of a course that was more than a single session long, can bring their project and complete their work - the cost for a place on a catchup session is £25 per person.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us - email call 01993 700411, or pop along to one of our pop-up shops (click here for details) to meet us in person and find out more!

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